Brand Id

You may want to refresh or completely redo your company logo or are a new company looking to create a company/brand identity that suits your needs. If so Cube can assist you.

Logo designs should always be created as a vector image (created by a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator) as this can be enlarged without any pixelation as is the case with Adobe Photoshop which traps the image as pixels.

The creative design process looks at your company; your target audience, and research will be carried out with that in mind. Colour theory can be applied where necessary and a final brand/company id will be created to suit your company. Cube works with the idea that symbolism is the best start for your logo as this is the first thing that people see and it needs to clearly state what service/product your company supplies.

You may simply want to find a font (type) that suits your company and need a graphic designer to create a vector image, colour match your company's colours and alter spacing and size to look professional.

Sample of a logo designed: a modern appearance and symbolism to suit a technical company

   FPE logo

Logos created for a music band

band logos

Sample of a logo refreshed/updated - taken from a scan of a tshirt

refresh logo sample


A vector graphic was created from a pub sign photo, which was applied to their website created by Cube

maypole hang sign   

maypole type

A client needed to create a logo and label from her own sketch. This may also be an option for your company or you may have an old logo that needs to be refreshed; the old image can be traced to create a new and refreshed vector image of the logo and tweeked to modernise if required. The sketch was traced in the package Adobe Illustrator to create a vector image. Type was applied to create the finished brand id.

Logo and label created from client's sketch

cupcake sketch           cupcake logo

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